Best 360 Degree Rotating Mobile Holder in India 2021

Best 360 Degree Rotating Mobile Holder

I never knew that I needed a 360-degree mobile device holder before I used one myself. It’s kind of made my life a lot easier.

While I read or watch any show on my phone or tablet, I don’t really need to hold the device all time with my hands. Also because of the cord length, it creates a good distance between the screen and my eyes.

Based on my personal experience and other people’s feedback I have come up with the best 360-degree rotating mobile holder that is currently available on the market.

I can assure you that after reading this article you don’t need to go anywhere else.

So, let’s take a look at what I got for you!

Best 360 Degree Rotating Mobile Holder


Best 360 Degree Rotating Mobile Holder


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What users are saying?

The main selling point or the reason majority of people prefer this mobile holder because it’s sturdy, looks great, flexible and has very strong (however it’s a disadvantage also, I’ll discuss later).

Despite all that, it also allows the customers to mount a tablet as well along with a phone. You can add almost anything that fits such as Nintendo Switch. or Kindle

The things that disappointed the users are average quality material which could be better based on the price, cord length and the price is not ideal if based on the products in the market.

Material, Design & Misc.

The main material that is used here for the outer layer is plastic and bendable metal for the cord. Even though the finishing is very good and smooth, the material feels a little bit low quality. Based on the price range, I was expecting better material quality.

When it comes to design, it looks very clean and simple. If you are minimalist like me and prefer aesthetic accessories for your desk then it’s a great fit. I have no complaints about the design and the majority of the customers liked it as well.

Each part of this holder is very carefully crafted. The clip or the device holder is very strong and the mounting clip too.

You will get to see some black non-skid silicone pad. It will prevent the holder from moving when you are adjusting your phone.

Normally normal plastic holders tend to slip especially in desks made of plywood or glass. But because of this pad or base, you won’t be facing this. It’s also helpful when you are attaching it in any vertical place.

Now let’s talk about the device holding clip. The clip is no doubt very strong. But it is so strong or tight that you might face difficulty mounting and unmount your device.

If you need to call someone and do not want to use earphones, it can be very hard to immediately unmount the phone.

But there are some good sides as well. Some might think what if the device slips from the clip and fell on the ground or anything. You will be free from that tension.

Another good thing is the cutouts for charging. Also, the cuts are very wide because different brands tend to put the port in various places.

Ways to Use This

Because it’s a universal holder, the use is not just limited to a mobile phone holder. There are so many ways to make use of it. I’ll be sharing some of the most effective ways from my personal list.

Video Recording for YT or Reels

You might don’t have any proper setup for video recordings such as a tripod and other accessories. It allows you to set the camera in any setting. It’s even easier with the 360-degree ball joint that provides you full flexibility.

Anywho wants to start their YouTube journey or make Instagram reels easily start in this way.

For Online Classes or Courses

If you don’t have a laptop that it’s pretty bad to bend your downwards for hours. Attach the holder to a desk or in bed and create a setup like you are watching a monitor. You will also find it easier to take notes.

For Gaming

In case you got a Nintendo Switch, you can detach the controllers and attach the screen with the holder. Or, if you got a Bluetooth android gaming controller, you can do the same.

For Creating Timelapse or Speedart

You can skip all those expensive accessories just by using this one thing. If you want to record a digital or physical illustration from a top-down view and create a speed art video you can do this.

Also, you can create product unboxing-type videos as well.

For Reading

In case you got a tablet or kindle. You can easily read your favourite book while lying on the bed or eating your meal.

Seeing the product image, you might think that it can handle the weight of the iPad Pro (around 750 grams I guess) but can’t.

Make sure to only use lightweight devices like iPad Air or Mini (almost weigh half of an iPad Pro) or Kindle.

Is It For You?

After seeing the uses if you think you will be needing this regularly and think the price is good enough for you, you should surely go f0r this.

You can use this as a table lamp also. There are so many ways to use this. There’s hardly a good alternative to this in the online market right now.

Except for this one –

The price might be a little high after discovering the ways it can be used, personally, I think it’s totally worth it. Now it’s your call!

At a Glance

  • Colour: White
  • Material: Plastic & Metal
  • Cord Length: Around 24-inch
  • Wide Device Compatibility
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones & Tablets


  • Good deisgn
  • Anti-skid grip
  • A lot of ways to use this
  • Can hold any device under 10-inch
  • Price could be lower
  • Average material quality
  • The clip and cord is can cause difficulty


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Final Words

First of all, thank you very much for coming this far.

I tried to include all the necessary information you will be needed to find the ideal thing you are looking for. I’m constantly working on finding better products that make your life easier and will keep updating this article gradually.

However, if we forgot to provide any important information or face any trouble, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section. I’ll be very happy to help you.

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