Best Dual Monitor Stand India 2021

Best Dual Monitor Stand

Dual monitor setups are very common these days among gamers, streamers, content creators. They often use one for the main tasks such as gaming and the other for monitors the other task like streaming or the outcome of any project.

After knowing the benefits of dual monitor setups, many professionals have also started to use one.

Many people have to change their whole work setup for this Covid-19. You must need the necessary accessories for a proper work environment.

Now if you are used to working in a dual monitor setup then I got the best dual monitor stand for you that is the cheapest and best in the online market.

In case you are planning to get one from your local store or any offline marketplace then make sure to check these most important factors –

  • Arm carrying capacity
  • Supported screen sizes
  • Quality of the material
  • If rotatable and tiltable

I can assure you that after reading this article you don’t need to go anywhere else.

So, let’s take a look at what I got for you!

Best Dual Monitor Stand India


Best Dual Monitor Stand India


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What users are saying?

According to customers’ feedback and experience, this product is very promising. Almost everyone has agreed with all the features the brand has talked about. There’s no major downside of this monitor stand.

The only thing that happened is probably a manufacturing defect. Few customers received this stand with the wrong arm direction. The arms are either facing downward or upward.

However, that was a couple of months back. There’s no recent complaint. So, I can come to a conclusion that the problem is resolved now.

Material, Design, & Build Quality

The two things majority of customers have appreciated are the premium quality material and finishing quality. The reason lies in the material they have used to manufacture this.

The main material is cold-rolled steel which usually stronger than hot-rolled steel. Also, it’s the same type of steel that is used for making home appliances, for constructions, in garages, etc.

For the other small parts and outer body, plastic is used with a matte finish that makes it look even more premium.

When it comes to design and build quality, then it looks very robust and premium with the solid black colour. You can really feel that each part is created with great care.

In terms of material, design, and build quality I personally don’t have complaints and the same goes for the customers as well.

Features & Others

Just like the top quality material and build quality, it’s power-packed with tons of useful features as well. It gives you full freedom of how you want to use it.

To begin with, you can adjust the height. You can set the height from anywhere between 7.8 inches (lowest) to 13.3 inches (highest).

You can be a short or tall person, no problem about that. Even if the chair you are using is not height adjustable. No problem. Adjust the monitor stand height instead.

Using a second in vertical or portrait mode is very common among coders, programmers, graphic designers, and others.

If you are no exception then good news for you. This monitor stand has a 360-degree rotation feature. You can go from landscape to portrait and quickly switch back anytime.

Also, you can choose the gap between the two monitors and for more flexibility, it supports tilt anywhere between -15 to +85 degrees.

Last but not least, you can mount any monitor measuring between 13 to 27 inches and it’s a very common range for computer screens.

Each arm is capable of carrying a monitor weighing 17.6 pounds or almost 8 kilograms.

You won’t be needing any clamp or screw to mount them with the arm. Each arm has VESA plates easily compatible with 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm monitor backside mounting holes.

Each arm has an integrated cable management system with cable clips to avoid the extra wires from messing around on your desk.


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Is It For You?

This Covid-19 has literally changed the way everyone used to work. If you are used to working with a dual monitor setup in your workplace and now want to create the same environment at your home then might already know that it’s for you.

Other than that, if you manage a team from home or workplace through platforms like Google Meet or Zoom then this is another reason to invest in it.

Also, if you are a coder, programmer or gamer then you know how good it is to boost productivity.

In case, you want a monitor stand that you can mount with your desk then you might find this variant useful

At a Glance

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Tiltable From -15 to +85 degrees
  • Ideal Screen Sizes: 13-27 inches
  • Arm mount height adjustable from 7.8 – 13.3 inches
  • Each Arm Carrying Capacity: 17.6 Pounds or 8 Kgs


  • Decent material quality
  • Premium finishing
  • Height adjustable
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Wide monitor compatibility range
  • Occasional missing parts & defective product issues


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Final Words

First of all, thank you very much for coming this far.

I tried to include all the necessary information you will be needed to find the ideal thing you are looking for. I’m constantly working on finding better products that make your life easier and will keep updating this article gradually.

However, if we forgot to provide any important information or face any trouble, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section. I’ll be very happy to help you.

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