BoAt Bassheads 100 vs BoAt Bassheads 102 | The Ultimate Comparison

BoAt Bassheads 100 vs BoAt Bassheads 102

Both boAt Bassheads 100 and 102 are the two most popular earphones. From the surface level, the might seem the same except for the design but actually, there are some differences if we just dive a bit.

Maybe not something mind-blowing changes but still there is something that’s worth talking about.

This BoAt Bassheads 100 vs BoAt Bassheads 102 ultimate comparison article will go deep into each earphone and include all the things you need to choose the right one for you.

So, let’s dive in.

Comparison Chart


20-20K Hz

20-20K Hz

Driver Size




16 Ohms

18 Ohms





Design & Build Quality

boAt Bassheads 100 gives you a wide collection of colours. You get to choose from 14 colours. On the other hand, boAt Bassheads 102 has a total of 8 colours. In my personal opinion, the colour options of Bassheads 100 are more attractive than Bassheads 102.

Bassheads 100 has an attractive and catchy hawk design with a glossy and matter combo finish. Bassheads 102 looks more like ‘a laser gun‘ from the sides with a matte finish.

Both of the earphones weigh the same. The bass heads 100 is just 1 gram heavier than Bassheads 102. 12g/13g weight for earphones is really very light.

Both are equally comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. The Bassheads 100 looks more stylish while Bassheads 102 looks more solid.

Design and build quality wise both are winners here.

Bass & Sound Quality

Both have earphones that have the same 20Hz – 20KHz frequency response. Perfect for human ears.

The Bassheads 100 has a 10mm driver while Bassheads 102 has an 8mm driver. Despite having a lower driver size, Bassheads 102 excels Bassheads 100 in bass and sound quality. Maybe it’s because of the higher impedance.

The bass quality might feel still the same. But the sound quality is a lot better.

Now, while judging individually the bass is quite average but you can always boost that using an equalizer.

The good thing about Bassheads 102 is that boAt now actually focused on passive noise cancellation. While this is completely missing from the Bassheads 100.

Again the passive noise cancellation might no be totally satisfying but works nicely.

In this section, the winner is: boAt Bassheads 102

In-Line Mic & Remote

Both of the earphones have an in-line remote with a button that lets you pause/play songs or activate the default vice assistant.

Also, both a got a mic, you can easily use it while taking calls or to record your voice.


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The rest of the things are mostly the same about both of the earphones except the jack.

The Bassheads 100 has used a 3.5mm male jack and Bassheads 102 went with L-shaped (more like 45 degrees shaped) gold-plated jack. Gold-plated jacks are corrosion-resistant.

Both have a 1.2m long tangle-free cord. The ideal length and type of cords for regular uses.

Users’ Report, Pros & Cons

boAt Bassheads 100

BoAt Bassheads 100 vs BoAt Bassheads 102



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Users’ Feedback

The majority of the customers are satisfied with they got paying an affordable price. The sound quality and bass are good enough. Avid bass lovers are a bit disappointed but good enough for casual usage.

The design and tangle-free cord are some features this earphone gets most appreciated for.

Few have complained about the mic, how the person on the other side is not able to hear sometimes clearly.

Also, several users have reported it stopped working or one of the sides stopped working after a couple of months.


  • Affordable
  • Good fitting
  • Have an in-line mic
  • Very lightweight
  • Nice quality is good enough
  • Good build quality & finishing
  • Average bass quality
  • Mic quality could be better

boAt Bassheads 102BoAt Bassheads 100 vs BoAt Bassheads 102


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Users’ Feedback

Better sound and quality is the reason most prefer this model over Bassheads 100. The addition of passive noise cancellation and gold-plated jack is highly appreciated as well.

A few people have talked about the low treble, basic design and the placement of the mic can be a little problematic.

Despite all that things, this is a good lightweight earphone for daily usage.

Just like Bassheads 100 it also got some reports about not working after several months. Based on users’ feedback, it may last up to a minimum of 4-6 months or a maximum of up to one year.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Nice sound quality
  • Good bass quality
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Comes with an in-line mic
  • Low treble
  • Average build quality

Final Words

Both of the earphones come with power-packed features at very affordable pricing. Bassheads 100 looks way better than Bassheads 102 but at the end of the day, earphones are for enjoying your favorite music a the highest level.

boAt Bassheads 102 excels Bassheads 100 in many ways. It has better sound and bass quality, a gold-plated jack, and a dedicated passive noise canceling feature.

So, you guessed right. The winner is boAt Bassheads 102 of this comparison war.

Most of the budget-wired earphones with mics tend to malfunction after several months of use. Such as stopped working one-side, sound problems, statics, etc.

Hope this article helped. If you have any questions, make sure to ask in the comment section.

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