BoAt Bassheads 100 vs Mi Basic | Which Is Better ?

BoAt Bassheads 100 vs Mi Basic

It’s very normal for you to get confused when there are so many great earphones are available in the same price range.

This BoAt Bassheads 100 vs Mi Basic ultimate comparison article will go deep into each earphone and include all the things you need to choose the right one for you.

At the end of the article, I also explained the main reason for the suggestion and why you should also consider my points to get the most out of your money.

So, let’s dive in.

Comparison Chart


20-20K Hz

20-20K Hz

Driver Size




16 Ohms

32 Ohms





Design & Build Quality

boAt Bassheads 100 gives you a wide collection of colours. You get to choose from 14 colours. On the other hand, Mi Basic is only available in three colours. If you care about looks then boAt got that.

Bassheads 100 has an attractive and catchy hawk design with a glossy and matter combo finish. Mi Basic has a whole matte finish body with a very clean and simple design.

Both of the earphones are not more than 15 grams. You will feel very comfortable while wearing them. Especially during workouts.

Mi Basic might not seem attractive to most. The design is pretty is average. A gloss and matte finish like Bassheads 100 could make it more attractive.

Look-wise boAt Bassheads 100 surpasses Mi Basic.

Bass & Sound Quality

Firstly, both have earphones that have the same 20Hz – 20KHz frequency response. Perfect for human ears.

Even though both Mi Basic and Bassheads 100 have the same 10m driver size, the loudness of Mi Basic is low even on the highest volume according to many users.

The bass is on the average side for both. Might not totally satisfying for bass lovers but good enough.

Now lastly, the sound quality. The sound quality of Mi basic is way clearer and better than Bassheads 100. This has a reason as well.

The reason is the impedance. Mi Basic has 32 ohms impedance while Bassheads 100 has 16 ohms. The higher the impedance is the will the clarity of sound.

Based on all these factors, Mi Basic is clearly the winner of this section.

In-Line Mic & Remote

Both of the earphones have an in-line remote with a button that lets you pause/play songs, answer/end calls. Also, both come with a mic.

Normally there’s no complaint about the Mi Basic mic. But Bassheads 100 mic can be a bit disturbing.


The Bassheads 100 has used a 3.5mm male jack and Mi Basic went with an L-shaped gold-plated jack. Gold-plated jacks are corrosion-resistant.

Bassheads 100 has a 1.2m long tangle-free cord. Mi Basic also has a tangle-free cord. Just the cord length is 1.25m. The ideal length and type of cords for regular uses.

Users’ Report, Pros & Cons

boAt Bassheads 100


BoAt Bassheads 100 vs Mi Basic


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Users’ Feedback

The majority of the customers are satisfied with they got paying an affordable price. The sound quality and bass are good enough. Avid bass lovers are a bit disappointed but good enough for casual usage.

The design and tangle-free cord are some features this earphone gets most appreciated for.

Few have complained about the mic, how the person on the other side is not able to hear sometimes clearly.

Also, several users have reported it stopped working or one of the sides stopped working after a couple of months.


  • Affordable
  • Good fitting
  • Have an in-line mic
  • Very lightweight
  • Nice quality is good enough
  • Good build quality & finishing
  • Average bass quality
  • Mic quality could be better

Mi Basic

BoAt Bassheads 100 vs Mi Basic


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Users’ Feedback

The sound quality is what customers praise it for. Other things like bass, cord, and mic quality are pretty good as well.

What drew my attention is this earphone stopped working after just 1 – 2 months of usage for a good amount of customers. Maximum I saw 4 – 6.5 months.

The complaint of ‘one side stopped working’ or ‘completely stopped working’ is very frequent.


  • Great sound quality
  • Ideal cord length
  • Good bass quality
  • Gold-plated jack
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Loudness is low
  • Frequent complain of ‘stopped working’

Final Words

I will be very honest with you here. For the actual purpose, to enjoy music, Mi Basic earphones are no doubt great. The sound quality is a lot better than Bassheads 100.

From this point of view, Mi Basic should be the winner of this comparison. But the main question is how long you will actually be able to use them.

The complaint of ‘stopped working after one or two months’ is so common that I’m afraid I can recommend Mi Basic to you. I don’t want to waste your money just on an earphone that may only last a few months.

You will at least want that the earphones will last 6 months or a year. This problem is also present in Bassheads 100 and many other earphones but relatively lower.

So, in my opinion, I suggest you go with boAt Bassheads 100. The majority of customers only complain only after a minimum of 6 months or so.

Your experience will be a little lower but a much better choice from a long-term perspective.

Hope this article helped. If you have any questions, make sure to ask in the comment section.

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