BoAt Rockerz 330 vs BoAt Rockerz 335 | The Ultimate Comparison

BoAt Rockerz 330 vs BoAt Rockerz 335

The Rockerz 335 of BoAt has Qualcomm aptX support and CVC technology that makes it worth comparing with the Rockerz 330 to know how different is this.

This BoAt Rockerz 330 vs BoAt Rockerz 335 ultimate comparison article will go deep into each earphone and include all the things you need to choose the right one for you.

So, let’s dive in.

Quick Look


BoAt Rockerz 330

BoAt Rockerz 335

Battery Life

30 Hours

30 Hours


16 ohms

16 ohms




Water Resistance




Design & Build Quality

Both BoAt Rockerz 330 and 335 are designed just how I like Bluetooth earphones for the most comfort. Both editions are almost identical in most parts but have some changes as well.

Starting with the similarities, the neckband is silicone coated and flexible which makes the overall product very lightweight and comforting to use.

The earbuds are angled but the design and ear wing shape are different. I personally like the earbuds of Rockerz 330 for the glossy part with logo and more rounded ear wings which tend to fit well for most people.

The overall build quality and finishing of both are pretty satisfying for the price range.

Rockerz 330 is available in 6 colours while Rockerz 335 has 4 colours but can vary depending on the year edition(2020/2021).

To conclude, I think from the comfort perspective Rockerz 330 did a better job mainly because of the ear wings.

The ear wings of Rockerz 335 stick out a bit more which can be discomforting after more than 30 minutes of constant use.

Bass & Sound Quality

Rockerz 335 has the advantage here due to the support of the Qualcomm aptX audio codec. It allows you to enjoy 24-bit audio files and reduces the chances of distortion via Bluetooth.

Also, aptX is almost lossless and the latency is very low. Just make sure you have a smartphone with Android OS 8.0 or more.

Rockerz 330 on the other hand doesn’t support aptX. So, MP3 or AAC is what you got.

The thing that I really don’t like about most BoAt earphones is the bass. In both Rockerz 330 and 335, the bass is just everywhere.

Like the models, it’s artificially bass boosted. With higher volume, the sound starts to get distorting and overpowers the vocals.

I noticed this problem more in Rockerz 330 as the sound quality is a bit on the lower side so the low overpower the treble.

Both got 10mm bass driver and there’s no way 10mm driver sound like that normally. It is not good for your ears as well (tends to cause ear fatigue).

To conclude, the low/bass is too much, and treble/high is on the lower side. The ideal balance between bass and treble is not there.

If I have to rate then I’ll give Rockerz 330 3/5 and Rockerz 335 3.5/5.

Battery Life & Charging Time

Both have a nice battery life of 30 hours. The 30 hours backup is much more than most Bluetooth earphones in this budget. Though Rockerz 335 dies a few hours earlier due to aptX support.

Surprisingly they get fully charged in just 40 minutes and have an ASAP charging technology. You can get 10 hours of playtime in just 10 minutes.

Thanks to USB-C you can do this whole stuff more effortlessly without worrying about the cable up or down orientation.

Controls & Functions

As the control board is similar to both, the functions are also identical.

You get a power button for on/off. A button for play/pause, take/end calls. Lastly, volume control buttons to control the volume.


Bluetooth Version: Both have Bluetooth 5.0 with a 10 m range.

Water-Resistance: Both Rockerz 330 and 335 are capable of resisting normal rain and jet spray as both are IPX5 rated.

Call/Mic Quality: Both have a good mic for calling but Rockerz 335 does this job a bit better because of the CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology which filters out the echo and most noises.

Noise Cancellation: None of them have Active Voice Cancellation (ANC). Just make sure to use the ideal size of ear cups for proper Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC).

Accessories: USB-C cable for charging, charging case, ear caps of different sizes, and all the required papers like the manual, warranty card, etc are included.

Users’ Report, Pros & Cons

BoAt Rockerz 330


BoAt Rockerz 330


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Users’ Feedback

Based on users’ experience Rockerz 330 is not the best Bluetooth earphones you can get in the market. There are some better options as well.

But the overall music experience, IPX5 rating, USB-C port, and big battery backup make it worth taking a look at.


  • Comfortable
  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Good sound and bass
  • 30 hours of battery backup
  • Bass overpowers the vocals

BoAt Rockerz 335


BoAt Rockerz 335


Check Price on Amazon


Users’ Feedback

BoAt Rockerz 335 is really praised by the customers for the quality of the sound and bass at such affordable pricing. Also, the battery life is more thing that makes it a no-brainer to them.

Few aren’t satisfied with the overall bass boost. The material and build quality is compromised and the noise cancellation is not up to the mark.

But users are fine to recommend it to those who are looking for wireless earphones with good sound and bass at an affordable price.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Huge battery life
  • Nice sound & great bass quality
  • Too much bass

3 Reasons To Choose BoAt Rockerz 335

aptX support: This allows you to enjoy 24-bit high-quality audio files.

Bass vs treble: Somehow it manages to balance the bass and treble unlike Rockerz 330.

Better call experience: Thanks to CVC technology, it filters out most of the unnecessary noises. It doesn’t make the call experience decent but better compared to Rockerz 330.

Final Words

As much I know, BoAt has dropped their Rockerz 335 and this is why you can barely find any stock on their official site and other online marketplaces. But that doesn’t mean you should just go with Rockerz 330.

There is IPX7 rated Rockerz 255 Pro+ with nice sound and bass with 40 hours battery at that same price that I recommend you to take a look at.

Hope this article will help to make an ideal choice. If you are having difficulties choosing based on some of your own personal reason then please let me know in the comment section.

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