BoAt Rockerz 335 vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z vs Oppo Enco M31

BoAt Rockerz 335 vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z vs Oppo Enco M31

For the first time, I’m going to do a comparison between three earphones. Both OnePlus Bullets Z and Oppo Enco M31 are some of best selling wireless earphones currently.

Each earphone offers some of its own unique features and comes in almost at the same price. We’ll together explore which one deserved your money the most.

This BoAt Rockerz 335 vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z vs Oppo Enco M31 ultimate comparison article will go deep into each earphone and include all the things you need to choose the right one for you.

So, let’s dive in.

Quick Look


OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

BoAt Rockerz 335

Oppo Enco M31

Battery Life

17 Hours

30 Hours

12 Hours



16 ohms






Water Resistance





Design & Build Quality

Among the three earphones, Oppo Enco M31 has a kind of design that instantly steals my attention and I’m sure you will feel that too.

Enco M31 comes in two colours black and green. The green edition looks just so good. The glossy green finish with golden wires and earbuds.

When it comes to Bullets Z, I’ll put it after Enco M31. You get three colour options to choose from. It looks simple but it has a premium, compact yet durable vibe.

Lastly, the Rockerz 335, which kind of looks like Bullets Z but the earbuds look bulky and the material is not up to the mark. It has 10 colour options.

Without the wings and the BoAt logo on the side of the neckband, I guess anyone will mistake Rockerz 335 as any of the Realme Buds Wireless earphones.

Rockerz 335 is the heaviest among the three and Enco M31 is the lightest. Bullets Z is just 4 grams heavier while Rockerz 335 is around 12 grams heavier.

Rockerz 335 can often become uncomfortable because of the wings and the design of the bulky earbuds. But that’s not the case with the other two.

To conclude this section, Bullets Z and Enco M31 have the best material and build quality. Oppo Enco M31 is ahead in design and looks.

In terms of looks, design, and build quality Oppo Enco M31 is the winner of this section.

Bass & Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, I felt both Bullets Z and Enco M31 were identical. Some say Enco M31 is better but I guess there’s a very minor difference.

The sound quality of Rockerz 335 itself is good but the bass (10mm drivers) is what ruins the overall experience. As I explained in the last comparison.

Like all other BoAt earphones, Rockerz 335 is bass boosted as well instead of focusing on producing natural bass. The bass overpowers most of the time. Which makes it very annoying during lows and mediums.

On the other hand, both Enco M31 and Bullets Z have 9.2mm, bass drivers. Bullets Z is a bit deeper but they only produce bass where needed.

To conclude, if you want to stay into a balanced area between sound and bass then go with either Bullets Z or Enco M31.

You can choose Rockerz 335 for the bass but I personally didn’t enjoy it much as it is ruining the overall music experience.

Battery Life & Charging Time

In this section, each has its own advantages. But what is good is, all three earphones have a fast charging feature.

Both Bullets Z and Rockerz 335 can get up to 10 hours backup in 10 minutes with fast charging while Enco M31 only 3 hours in 10 minutes.

Rockerz 335, Bullets Z, and Enco M31 have 30 hours, 17 hours, and 12 hours of full battery life respectively.

Both Rockerz 335 and Enco M31 take around 40-45 minutes to fully charge while Bullets Z takes around 10-15 minutes more (50-55 minutes).

Enco M31 lacks in this section compared to the other two. Rockerz 335 got a huge battery life but 17 hours of Bullets Z is not that that bad.

Remote & Functions

A multi-function panel can be found at the left end of the neckband with all the necessary buttons like volume control, voice assistant, taking/ending calls, etc.


Bluetooth Version: All earphones have Bluetooth 5.0 with a 10 m range.

Water-Resistance: Bullets Z is the only IP55 rated here and the rest are IPX5. The most common IP rating in this budget.

Call/Mic Quality: Out of the three, Oppo Enco M31 has the best mic which is great for calling. Bullets Z can be a bit problematic sometimes but will do the work and so is Rockerz 335.

Noise Cancellation: Both Bullets Z and Enco M31 have some really good passive noise cancellation. Rockerz 335 is not as good but good to cancel normal noises.

Accessories: USB-C cable for charging, earbuds of different sizes, and all the required papers like the manual, warranty card, etc are included.

Users’ Report, Pros & Cons

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z


Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z


Check Price on Amazon


Users’ Feedback

Bass lovers are highly satisfied with this modified version of OnePlus Bullets Z. Also the passive noise cancellation is better compared to the normal edition.

Users also found the low latency mode very helpful when playing online competitive games. Few have complained about a cracking sound during calls and songs as well.


  • Nice build quality
  • Great sound and bass quality
  • Low charging time
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Very low latency
  • Cracking sound during songs and voice calls

BoAt Rockerz 335


BoAt Rockerz 335


Check Price on Amazon


Users’ Feedback

BoAt Rockerz 335 is really praised by the customers for the quality of the sound and bass at such affordable pricing. Also, the battery life is more thing that makes it a no-brainer to them.

Few aren’t satisfied with the overall bass boost. The material and build quality is compromised and the noise cancellation is not up to the mark.

But users are fine to recommend it to those who are looking for wireless earphones with good sound and bass at an affordable price.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Huge battery life
  • Nice sound & great bass quality
  • Not so good at noise cancelling
  • Cheap cmaterial & build quality

OPPO Enco M31


OPPO Enco M31


Check Price on Amazon


Users’ Feedback

It’s not just me but the majority of the customers have liked the design and the lightweight design very much. The IPX5 water resistance and comfortable earbuds make it suitable for longer workout/music sessions.

The full battery backup could be a bit better according to some and I agree with that opinion too but it’s fine. The sound and bass quality are pretty good but might not be ideal for deep bass lovers.

The rest of the features like mic and call quality, noise cancellation are all pretty satisfying. Though some have faced some mic problems most of the time it’s good enough.


  • Comfortable
  • Neat & compact design
  • IPX5 water-resistance
  • Nice sound & bass quality
  • Battery life is mediocre

6 Reasons To Choose OnePlus Bullets Z Bass Edition

Noise cancellation: It is better at canceling noise compared to Rockerz 335.

Nice build quality: It got high-quality material with a lightweight and premium design.

Natural bass: Unlike Rockerz 335, instead of bass boosting on the overall song it provides natural bass that was actually needed.

IP55 rated: The dust resistance is more useful in this polluted environment. it will keep the earbuds unclogged.

Latency: What I noticed during competitive gaming is that Bullets Z has much lower latency than the other two earphones.

Better connectivity: OnePlus Bullets Z normally makes the connection faster and a lot more stable.

4 Reasons To Choose BoAt Rockerz 335

Huge battery backup: It lasts 13 hours more than the OnePlus Bullets Z bass edition.

Same sound & bass: You get to enjoy the same quality sound and deeper bass by paying less.

Lower charging time: It gets fully charged in 10-15 minutes faster.

Dual pairing: Unlike the quick switch feature OnePlus Bullets Z you can stay connected with two devices at the same device and no need to switch. You get a seamless experience.

3 Reasons To Choose Oppo Enco M31

Looks: It is the most beautiful pair of wireless earphones in this comparison article. If you care about that then it’s a great point.

Bass: A bit lighter than Bullets Z but the experience is much better than Rockerz 335’s bass.

Very light: The lighter earphones the more comfortable. Most people don’t pay attention to the weight but it matters a lot.

Final Words

To conclude this whole article, both Bullets Z and Enco M31 almost have identical sound and bass quality. Rockerz 335 surely got deeper bass but can ruin the overall experience.

Bullets Z got an upper hand on battery life, latency, connectivity. Rockerz 335 has bigger battery life though.

In my suggestion, if you have to choose any one among these three then I suggest you go with Bullets Z as it has good design & build quality, sound, and bass, good battery life, low latency better connectivity expirience.

Hope this article will help to make an ideal choice. If you are still having difficulties choosing based on some of your own personal reason then please let me know in the comment section.

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