pTron Bassbuds Pro vs BoAt Airdopes 121v2 | The Ultimate Comparison

pTron Bassbuds Pro vs BoAt Airdopes 121v2

BoAt Airdopes 121v2, 131, 171, etc. are some equal competitors of budget-friendly pTron Bassbuds Pro.

But today I’m going to compare Airdopes 121v2 and Bassbuds Pro. Most people prefer BoAt is more reputed. If you are confused if pTron earbuds are worth it then stay tuned!

This pTron Bassbuds Pro vs BoAt Airdopes 121v2 ultimate comparison article will go deep into each earphone and include all the things you need to choose the right one for you.

So, let’s dive in.

Quick Look


pTron Bassbuds Pro

BoAt Airdopes 121v2

Battery Life

4+12 Hours

3.5+10.5 Hours


32 ohms

16 ohms




Water Resistance




Design & Build Quality

Bassbuds Pro and Airdopes 121v2 are made focusing both on the design and comfort equally. Both earbuds have a cool matte finish with branding on the button/sensor area.

Due to the snug fit design, both are suitable for running or exercise. If you use the right ear caps they come out that easily.

Neither of them compromised with the material quality. They don’t look cheap from any angle at all.

But if I really have to choose then I liked Airdopes 121v2 more. I think it is because the colors are very elegant and the finishing is very smooth.

pTron Bassbuds Pro comes in 4 colours and Airdopes 121v2 has 3 colour options. Overall both pTron and BoAt did a great job based on the budget.

Bass & Sound Quality

Both Bassbuds Pro and Airdopes 121v2 have a 20-20kHz frequency range and 8mm bass drivers. Bassbuds Pro has 16 ohms impedance but not sure about Airdopes 121v2.

Airdopes 121v2 has an advantage as it has 103dB sensitivity and Bassbuds Pro has 95dB sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the louder the sound will be.

But the overpowering bass is what ruined Airdopes 121v2. You might think that both have 8mm drivers. What’s the difference.

Bassbuds Pro has little to no bass boost but BoAt artificially bass boosted their Airdopes 121v2 which is even overpowering than Airdopes 441.

So, even after having such nice sensitivity the bass overpowers the treble. The vocals and most instruments sound quiet and ruin the overall experience.

To be honest, the 8mm drivers are pretty average but because pTron kept them natural, it sounds a lot cleaner than Airdopes 121v2.

To conclude, both have nice sound quality based on the price but the too much bass is what makes me recommend Bassbuds Pro over Airdopes 121v2.

In case you feel the bass of Bassbuds Pro is low then try using the inbuilt equalizer of the music streaming app or any equalizer as your choice. Try presets like ‘Rock’.

Battery Life & Charging Time

Bassbuds Pro and Airdopes 121v2 last around 4+12 hours and 3.5+10.5 hours respectively.

The funny thing is both earbuds have a 40mAh battery and Airdopes 121v2 charging case has an 80mAh bigger battery than Bassbuds Pro (300mAh). But still, Airodpes 121v2 tends to die faster.

It just means Bassbuds Pro is more power-efficient. Another thing I liked about Bassbuds Pro is the USB-C charging port.

Bassbuds Pro and Airdopes 121v2 take around 1 hour and 2 hours to get fully charged respectively.

Controls & Functions

Airdopes 121v2 multifunctional buttons for activating assistant (press up to 1.5 seconds), changing tracks (double press), play/pause (single tap), and taking/ending calls (single tap).

Bassbuds Pro has touch sensors to pause/play each earbud along with features like activating voice assistant, taking/ending calls. The touch controls can respond late sometimes.

If you think that the touch sensors of budget earbuds don’t function well then let me assure you that the touch sensor is really responsive.

Note: You can’t control volume.

Charging Case

Both have a similar type of charging case but the Bassbuds Pro case is a bit bigger. Airdopes 121v2 case is more portable.

I liked the shape, design, finishing of Airdopes 121v2 case way more than Bassbuds Pro. The good thing is both cases have a battery percentage display inside.

In both charging cases, the USB-C port is located at the back.


Bluetooth Version: Airdopes 121v2 & Bassbuds Pro have Bluetooth 5.0 & 5.1 respectively with a 10m range.

Water-Resistance: Bassbuds Pro is IPX4 rated. Good enough during exercise and running. Sadly Airdopes 121v2 is dust or water-resistant.

Call/Mic Quality: The earbuds have an in-built mic. Both have average mic but Airdopes 121v2 felt slightly better.

Noise Cancellation: Airdopes 121v2 has nice 90dB SNR (Sound-to-Noise Ratio). Not sure about Bassbuds Pro, Just make sure to use the ideal size of ear caps since neither have ANC.

Accessories: USB-C cable for charging, charging case, ear caps of different sizes, and all the required papers like the manual, warranty card, etc are included.

Users’ Report, Pros & Cons

pTron Bassbuds Pro


ptron bassbuds pro


Check Price on Amazon


Users’ Feedback

According to users, it’s a value-for-money TWS earphone for any go-to purposes like using during gym, listening to podcasts or music, or watching web series.

The sound quality is good, the bass is not up to the mark as I mentioned it has 8mm drivers. This also has some complaints about the mic quality & mediocre battery life.

Other than those things customers recommend it if you need budget good-looking TWS earbuds under Rs 1000.


  • Very comfortable
  • Nice design and finish
  • Good sound quality
  • IPX4 sweat & water resistance
  • Mediocre mic quality
  • Average battery life
  • Bass is not up to the mark

BoAt Airdopes 121v2


BoAt Airdopes 121v2


Check Price on Amazon


Users’ Feedback

What customers appreciated most about these wireless earbuds is the sound quality, good fit, and how it is very easy to connect.

The only controversial thing is the battery life. For some, the battery life is enough and for some, it’s not. So, it depends on how much time you spend using them.

Some said that it would be better if the bass was a bit deeper. But you can’t really expect much from 8mm bass drivers.

Also, users faced problems during calls due to poor mic quality.


  • Comfortable
  • Nice sound quality
  • IPX4 water-resistance
  • Easy to connect
  • Could be better with more bass
  • Battery backup might not be satisfying for all

6 Reasons To Choose pTron Bassbuds Pro

Natural bass: The bass might feel low but at least it won’t cause ear fatigue. Also, you can always use an equalizer if you want.

Better sound quality: As the low/bass is in balance, the other frequencies like mid & high are more audible which creates a better music experience.

Lasts longer: The earbuds last 30 minutes more and also the charging case lasts 1.5 hours longer.

IPX4-rated: IPX4 makes it reliable during running and exercise while Airdopes 121v2 is at a big disadvantage.

1/2 charging time: Thanks to USB-C, it gets fully charged half of the time of Airdopes 121v2 (2 hours).

Cost-efficient: Paying a few hundred rupees less, you are getting a better deal with some nice features like IPX4, USB-C charging & Bluetooth 5.1.

Final Words

Airdopes 121v2 could be the winner of this comparison but BoAt dug their own grave by boosting the bass too much. Anything in extreme is bad.

Hope this article will help to make an ideal choice. If you are having difficulties choosing based on some of your own personal reason then please let me know in the comment section.

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